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in the legal cannabis space

experienced industry professionals

Fireflower is a multidisciplinary team of industry experts centered around optimizing commercial cultivation operations. Our team has cultivated more than 275,000 pounds of Cannabis and designed 100+ facilities in over 30 states/markets.

The Fireflower team leverages over a decade of experience in regulated cannabis markets to help our partners navigate the challenges of cannabis businesses from inception through execution.
We utilize our institutional knowledge to integrate the business strategy with the facility design and operations to avoid costly mistakes and drive timely execution.


Image by Wesley Tingey

our strategy

  • identify market

  • market analysis

  • property search

  • financial modeling & budgeting

  • conceptual design

  • cannabis licensing

  • facility design

  • construction oversight

  • procure owner supply, equipment

  • facility and equipment commissioning

  • business setup

  • marketing/branding

  • genetics

  • SOP creation

  • staffing model

  • key personnel acquisition

  • human resources

  • accounting/ financial reporting

  • tax compliance

  • technical oversight

  • advertising/PR

  • data analysis/ optimization

Image by Wesley Tingey

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